Something people never think to do is layering. Layering is a great option, especially if you have a small amount of clothing. By layering, I mean wearing a shirt over a dress or vice versa. Of course, layering doesn’t work with all types of clothing, so be careful what you layer with.

For my outfit above, I chose to layer my H&M crop t-shirt with my Burlington cover up slit dress (which I plan on showing how to style in the future).

The first reason why I chose to layer those two is that the hems of the t-shirt are white which is the same color as the dress. Therefore, it creates a nice blend for the outfit.

The second reason is that my t-shirt happens to be a crop top. Which, as you can tell, I am wearing high waisted shorts and it goes well with the t-shirt. With the crop top falling at my waist, it creates a nice symmetry, with not just the shorts but the dress as well.

H&M Crop Top | Forever21 High Waisted Shorts (Similar)

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