Anarchy Street Review

Anarchy Street was founded by fashion guru, Dani Song, and is based in Los Angeles, CA. With every order, they donate one meal to the homeless of LA. Anarchy Street is for fashion-forward women with the concept of street meets chic.

I finally made an Anarchy Street purchase and ordered some things I’ve been having my eye on. I also have a special code for you guys at the end of this review.

Anarchy Street has a lot of really cool and cute jewelry. I just love Dani Song’s taste. It was really hard for me to pick which 2 things I wanted to purchase. I limited my amount to 2 items because if I hadn’t, I seriously would’ve bought the whole store. I eventually ended up buying the Summertime Fine Necklace and the Fringed Tassel Bag.

This is actually a late review since I’ve been busy these past weeks. But as I recall, the package came in an envelope which had this box inside. I just love when my order comes in boxes like these, that way I can reuse them!

The minute I opened the box I got really excited! It had so many items in there that it was so overwhelming! We’ll be going through each item separately, starting with the cards.

These cards are so adorable! I love it when retail stores/companies give you little cards with your purchase. It just makes me feel like my purchase really meant something to them and it made them grateful. In a way it makes me feel like they appreciate me, even though they do not know me. … Anyways, let’s get on with this review. The package came with 4 different cards. They all had a picture on one side, and some text on the other. The first top left corner card has a note stating I help the homeless with my order. The next one has steps to post my order on Instagram and hashtag to participate in their giveaway. The ones on the bottom have a cute little quote and the smaller one is a coupon code for their site. (BTW, that’s not the coupon code I have for you guys, as I have already used it since it’s a one time use coupon)

Another thing I liked about the packaging is how they put my receipt in a cute little envelope.


Okay, enough with the cute stuff. Let’s get into the reason you guys are reading this review. We’ll start with the necklace I purchased since I’m sure jewelry is the reason for reading this review.

They packaged my necklace in this adorable box. Although when I opened the box, my necklace was nowhere to be found. But that’s because the necklace had gone under the foam, whatever you call it. Which I didn’t mind where in the box it was, just as long as I had received my necklace.


The necklace has rhinestone detailing in the front. It has a 7-inch chain, which is longer than I prefer it to be but it wasn’t a problem. It’s very cute, great for summer and for a Cali girl like myself. I was very satisfied with it. There wasn’t anything wrong when I purchased it and was in great condition. I definitely would purchase more jewelry from Anarchy Street! Next, we’ll move on to the bag that I also purchased.


The bag came protected in another bag shown above.

This bag is suede and has a fringe. The front flap has a braided detailing and has fringe attached as well. I did not measure the fringe but I would say it’s somewhere from 5″-10″ long. (That’s just an estimate.) I did not measure the strap either but I will show a picture of me wearing it so you can get an estimate. The strap is also adjustable.

This is the inside of the bag. There are two interior pockets; one with a zipper and one without. The bag is a bit small so if you like to carry a lot of stuff, this bag may not be the best choice. But if you just carry the usual phone and wallet then this bag will do you good. Even with my clutch wallet and iPhone I had extra room for maybe another two or three iPhones.


I just adore this bag because it’s very cute and I love the braided detailing! I think it’s great for almost all occasions.


Thank you for reading this review and I hope this helps with whatever you need it for!

20% off coupon: BOUT20 + Anarchy Street has FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders! No minimum purchase!

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