If I Were a Kpop Stylist (Blogpost 3)

Hello! Welcome back to my series of If I Were a Kpop Stylist.

For this blog post, I styled to TWICE’s Signal song. If you haven’t yet, check out my previous posts from this series. 


For the first outfit set, I did a rather weird or uncommon color combination. I decided to do shades of pink and yellow due to the alien-themed music video. The music video and dance itself gave me an out of this world vibe. When I first thought of the song, pink and yellow came to my mind due to the weirdness of the color combination. The 2 colors aren’t seen much together but they compliment each other nicely. (At least in my opinion). They also give off that cute vibe TWICE is known for.


For this outfit set, I did more casual looks. I decided to go a different route and do something more simple but also fashionably cute. The lyrics gave me the vibe of a teenager, or a young girl, that tries to get the attention of her crush. So, I decided to do something more casual. The first set of outfits fit the vibe of the music video/dance but this one was more for the lyrics and the youth vibe I got from it. I decided to give them the same pair of shoes because the color combo is distracting enough. I also went with black because black gives that simple and casual vibe I was going for.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I have a lot of fun doing every single one of these posts from this series! Let me know what you guys think of this post and which outfit(s) is your favorite! Look forward to my next post of this series! See you guys soon. (Hopefully, hehe)

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