If I Were a Kpop Stylist (Blogpost 4)

Welcome to my little corner segment I call If I Were A Kpop Stylist. If you haven’t checked out my first blog post, please do so by clicking here. The first blog post will explain this segment.

For this blog post, I styled BLACKPINK’s Whistle.

Outfit Set #1

For the first outfit set, I decided to do an elegant mixed with hip-hop look. Whistle has more of a hip-hop vibe compared to their other songs, so I wanted to capture that hip-hop feel but I also wanted to capture BLACKPINK’s beauty as well. I decided to do red and blue because those colors scream “hip-hop” to me. The pink was added for the elegant beauty part.

Outfit Set #2

For this look, I went with more neutral colors; gray, black, and I used red as a pop. I always like to do at least one neutral look so it puts less focus on the outfits and more on the dance and song itself. But of course you wouldn’t want the idols looking all drab so I added red as a pop of color. These looks were put together solely for the colors rather than style.

Outfit Set #3

I decided to do a denim look for this one. When I think of hip-hop my first thoughts are America, 90’s, and Denim. Therefore, I wanted to capture a bit of that 90’s American style, but also keep the pop feel cause it is still K-Pop after all.

Outfit Set #4

For the last look, I did a more elegant look compared to the others. I know there will be times when idols will have to sing more than one song in the same outfit, so I did these looks in thoughts of them performing Whistle with other songs. (I was mostly thinking of As If It’s Your Last).


I hope you guys like this post! Comment down below and let me know what you think! If you have any requests, please comment down below as well. 🙂

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