Retail Visual Merchandising

My long time goal of experiencing visual merchandising has been accomplished. Even though it was only a short time, and my first time, I’ve learned a lot and hope to do it again. At my previous job at one of America’s popular retail clothing store, Love Culture, I got to experience visual merchandising. My main position was Sales Associate, however, the manager was kind enough to let me assist in visuals. Since it was my first time, it was a huge honor. Even though I had no experience and a lot to learn, I don’t think I did a horrible job. I did a variety of dressing mannequins, wall displays, and table displays.


October 2017   |   Urban Hipster / SoCal Road Trip


November 2017   |   Street Fashion / College Looks


December 2017   |   Laid Back Winter Vibes



January 2018


March/April 2018   |   Coachella




Basics / Active Wear



Floral / Spring Section



Denim / Casual Wear Section


Denim / Casual Wear Section


I’m still learning and hoping to get another chance to continue visual merchandising. There is still a lot for me to learn and understand. I believe I am better at mannequin displays, only because I’ve had more experience with putting together outfits. However, I still need to remember to make the displays for cohesive and put together like a group.

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