How to Score Collabs with Brands on Instagram

Are you an influencer who’s trying to get collabs with brands but just
don’t know how to go about it?
Here are some quick tips on how to get brands to collab with you:

Good Engagement

Engagement is very important to brands when it comes to collabs. If you
don’t have engaged followers, they’re less likely to work with you.
Even if you have lots of followers but not as many likes or comments,
most likely brands will still not collab with you. You have to show them you can bring customers to their site and having great engagement is one way to prove that.

– Have fun and exciting content on your feed.
– Asking questions in your captions or stories
– Mixing up your photos, don’t post the same kind of photos over and over
– Engage with your followers’ posts as well
– Engage with others in your niche (other bloggers/influencers)
– Use your Instagram stories to show your life inside and outside of your
niche. AND USE THE IG STORY FEATURES (polls, questions, etc.)
– FACEBOOK GROUPS will really help! There are several facebook groups
filled with other influencers and connecting with them will help with
follows and engagement.

Great Content

Quality is everything when it comes to content. Brands want influencers
who post not only quality photos, but are also eye-catching. Another
thing they look for are posts/influencers who fit their brand theme or content. So if there’s a specific brand or company you’re interested in working with, make sure your feed fits their company look or vibe.
Having photos that are different or original helps too. Use different
poses, use exciting props, show some excitement in your photos and of
course, don’t forget to be YOU! Originality is very important!

– Use a good quality phone/camera
– Have consistency in your feed
– Use different poses, camera angles, backgrounds
– Show some excitement or emotion in your photos

Post Consistently

Having more than more than 10 posts on your feed is important, as it shows that you are serious as a blogger and that you have some sort of experience. Although this tip is more helpful for keeping engaged followers. But if you post consistently and keep putting out great content, brands may want to continue working with you if you do a great job.

Have a Theme / Organized Feed

If your feed looks messy and unorganized, chances are brands will be less likely to work with you. It’s important to have some sort of aesthetic when it comes to your feed. It’s also important to have consistency in your posts, so having a theme helps. Whether it’s color, filters, types of photos, etc., it helps to keep your feed consistent.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more tips like these. Next blog post will be on how to take photos like a professional fashion blogger.

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Bout Khang

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