14 Day Photo Valentines Challenge

Valentines is around the corner and it’s time for a new challenge. I created a December challenge in 2018 and it was a HIT. So just for fun, I decided to create a new challenge. The 14 Day Photo Valentines Challenge!

This one is a photo challenge and the theme is Valentines! And yes, it’s FREE! All you simply do is snap a photo of the theme for that day and post it on your Instagram Story. I’ve also made templates to use on your stories but of course, they’re optional. Click here to acces them. If you prefer to do this challenge on your feed or anywhere else, by all means, go ahead! But just be aware that my templates are made only for Instagram stories. 😦 The link to the templates for this challenge will be down below.

Share with friends if you like, or on your Instagram. Grab a buddy and challenge them to see who can stick to the challenge the longest. Be creative and have fun!

Happy Valentines! If you have any questions, shoot me a comment! 🙂

Follow me on Instagram for fashion inspiration and more fun challenges. Or if you just want a new friend 🙂

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