Easy poses and tips for a more natural photo

Tired of the same old poses? Looking for some fresh tips? Or are you just awkward in front of cameras and need some inspiration?

When I first started my Instagram, I had trouble with not looking awkward. Some people make it look so easy but it was one of the hardest things for me. To this day, I’m still no pro. But I’ve learned a few tricks that help.


Have you heard of the phrase, “practice makes perfect”?
Practicing your posing really helps. This may sound weird or awkward
but try practicing your poses in front of a mirror. It helps to see if you
look awkward and helps you become more relaxed. Another option is to
use a camera and do some trial poses. Of course it’ll help to practice in an
empty room, or if you prefer to have an audience. Which ever way helps
you with your awkwardness.


If you’re looking for natural poses, using props help. Whether it’s your phone, cups, flowers, anything that’ll help ease your awkwardness. Not to mention it’ll bring some life and creativity in your photos.


Standing poses are always the one I look most awkward in. After years
of doing standing poses, I’ve learned to branch out to different poses and
that includes sitting!
Sitting poses are usally the easiest anyone can do. The most important
thing to remember when taking photos is be natural. So sit how you
would normally sit. If that doesn’t work for you, try crossing you legs. Or
having one leg up. Maybe you want to get creative and lay down half way
with one leg in the air? Show some attitude! 😉


The “walking” pose is very popular for fashion bloggers. Even if it seems
like it’s something that’s not suitable for you, try it out! Trust me when I
say you’ll get better at it. When you’re doing this pose, it’s honestly a little
weird and awkward but just try to ignore the cameras and walk like no
one’s looking. Not looking at the cameras helps me to not only look
natural in my photos but it helps me feel less awkward while I’m doing it.


Some other helpful tips to looking natural in your photos are looking away from the camera or looking at the ground. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or walking, having your face away from the camera helps your photos look more like candid shots.


One thing I do naturally when taking photos is touching my hair or clothing. Something about it helps me feel more relaxed. It’s actually more of a habit for me but it really helps me. Maybe it’s something you can try?


The best natural photo tip is using props. And this time I don’t mean props you’d use for funny photos or any of the props I mentioned above. I mean natural props that are already in or around the location. Whether it’s a wall, pole, chair, table, or a bike rack. Try using those, as it’s free and already there. You can lean against them, sit on it, or hold it.


The last tip is having your back towards the camera. I love back shots as they can look very nice and it helps when my face is not working with me that day.

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