Winter Neutrals

Outfit Details
Coat | Pants | Boots

Winter neutrals are one of my fave winter trends. Neutral is such a class and versatile color – what’s not to love? But sadly I don’t have much neutrals in my wardrobe, irony.

I just adore this boyfriend coat from Love Culture. I bought it a few years ago, so sadly I can’t seem to find it for you guys. It’s cozy, warm and boxy – perfect for Winter! Not to mention the collar gives it a classy vibe and it has double breasted button clasps! The pockets are big so there’s enough room for my phone without the fear of it falling out. Don’t you just hate those small pockets that can barely hold anything in?!

Now onto the pants. To be fair, these pants are a bit big on me (the legs). However, I do still love them! These are such a cute pair of cargo pants and it comes with a D-Ring belt.

I usually pair white with beige/tan shades, but I wanted to go for a more moody or dark look, which is why I went with black.

I hope you liked this look. If you’re looking for more fashion posts, follow me on Instagram 🙂

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