Quick Guide to Layering Clothing

Layering is one of my favorite things about Winter. You can easily warm yourself up by layering and if it gets to hot, just take off the extra layers. Layering can be done by almost anything and in almost any way.

This outfit will be the base of the outfit that I’ll be layering. To start off, I’m wearing my turtleneck sweater, DSTLD jeans and underneath that are my fishnet stockings, paired with my leather booties.

To keep things simple and chic, I’ve added an olive bomber to this outfit. Adding an outerwear is the most easiest and common way to layer.

If you don’t own a bomber, some substitues are; jean jacket, leather jeacket, longline coat or even a long lightweight cardigan.

If you want to go a step further with this outfit, you can add a tube top or cute bralette over the sweater. And maybe a few accessories; hats, bags, etc.

Now, I’m gonna show you another direction you can go with the base outfit. Above, I’ve showed you a chic look. Now I’ll be showing you a more streetstyle look.

I’ve added a color block windbreaker and a plaid flannel to add a bit of flair. Now depending, on what tube top or bralette you’ve added the the previous outfit – you can totally keep it on with this outfit.

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