My Favorite Influencer Platforms

There’s a lot of platforms out there that helps connect influencers with brands. I’ve tried a few and decided to create a list of my current favorites.


Heartbeat is my #1 favorite for beginners. They have both an app and desktop version. If you’re starting out as an influencer or working with brands, I’d reccommend Heartbeat. They don’t have a reqirement on followers or engagement rate. If you have a great amount of followers, 10K+, or has done a good amount of paid posts, Heartbeat may not be your best platform as the pay rate can be a little low.

Heartbeat does both paid promotions and product exchanges. Their campaigns can vary from fashion, beauty, entertainment, and more. But be aware, their platform may only be for US.

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Glambassador is my favorite app for worldwide campaigns. They have a variety of countries and a variety of campaigns in many different niches. Their campaigns may not be the easiest to get into if you have low followers count, but they have a lot of more opportunities compared to Heartbeat.

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The Blogger Programme

The blogger program is mostly known for their UK & US campaigns. But they do have other countries as well. They don’t have much campaigns as glambassador but they have great campaigns for the fashion & beauty niche, and a few others. They have worked with great named brands such as; Boohoo, Trip Adviser, Pretty Woman NYC, and more. Their campaigns are hard to get into as well if you have a low follower account.

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Now, I haven’t used brandbacker as much as the other platforms but they do make my top list. Especially if you’re in the beauty niche, I always see a great amount of campaigns for the beauty and skincare niche.

Most of their campaigns happen to be for the US or Canada, so if you’re looking for Australia, New Zealand or any other country, this platform may not be for you.

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Activate is great for those in the beauty, home, and lifestyle niche. Of course they have campaigns for other niches as well, but I’ve seen more for those niche than anything else.

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Let me know in the comment what your favorite platforms are. I’d love to check them out and add them to my next list!

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