Kawamomo – Kawaii Fashion

Hello, it’s been a while since I posted but I’m back with a new post on Kawaii fashion! I’ve always been a fan of asian style clothing because they’re so kawaii (cute). And I really love this new brand Kawamomo. They have the cutest selections at great prices. (Especially their jackets that I would’ve gotten but I’m waiting for summer to be over). I’ve received 3 great pieces of items and I’m gonna show you guys how I styled them.

The first item is their Bandage Long Sleeve Crop Top. This is an item I’ve wanted for a while. Aside of Kawaii fashion, I’ve always love streetstyle, and this top is so streetstyle.

It’s a mock neck long sleeve with the graphic text “such cute” on both the neck and waist band. I got it in a size small, and I’m not gonna lie, the top is right on me. I’m not a fan of clothing that are bodycon, I like tops that are a bit more boxy. If you’re anything like me, SIZE UP. Otherwise, the fit is great as I was able to wear it. It was just a matter of preference. The quality was great and super soft. I’m not a fan of turtlenecks, but this one was a mock neck so it was great and didn’t give me that “choking” feeling.

This second item was my absolute fave!! Everything about it was perfect; the color, fit, quality, everything! High Waist Multi Pocket Shorts – Size S

The thing I loved most about this is the side buckle belt, the ones used for fanny packs. (Let me know below if you know what they’re called. lol) The belt was the one thing that caught my eye. It’s different, edgy and super cute. There’s 3 pockets in the front, but the lower bottom flap is only for design. The shorts aren’t super short which is another thing I love about it, the other is how versatile it is. It’s easy pairable and would look cute for that outdoorsy style. The shorts aren’t thin or see-through but at the same time, it’s also not heavy or super thick. There are no back pockets, that’s the only downside but the cute front pocket design make up for it.

That last item I have to show you guys is this super cute Patchwork Letter Crop Top.

I love sheerness of the sleeves and the boxiness of the top. The top has “acid sugar” on the front which I wasn’t a fan of but the top was just too cute overall that I had to have it! The sleeve length was great and so was the fit. I got a size small, so if you want it a little longer, maybe size up? The only downside to this top was the sleeves being a little scratchy around the seams. Otherwise, it was totally worth it!


I really loved every item in this order and think they’re all worth the price. They’re all great quality and the sizing was great. I was a little skeptical at first since they’re asian inspired, I thought they’d be in asian sizing but I was wrong. I especially thought the shorts would be too small, since I’m usually a M in bottoms, but they fit great. I would recommend this brand and believe they’re worth checking out if you’re into Kawaii fashion, or even if you’re not. I’m definitely shopping here come winter time! 😀




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