How to Score Collabs with Brands on Instagram

Are you an influencer who's trying to get collabs with brands but just don't know how to go about it?Here are some quick tips on how to get brands to collab with you: Good Engagement Engagement is very important to brands when it comes to collabs. If youdon't have engaged followers, they're less likely to …

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4 important steps to become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers are all the rage now. Almost everyone wants to be one or already is one. Isn't that why you're here? To learn all about it? Being an influencer has its ups and downs. It's certainly not the easiest thing so if you're thinking you can make some quick cash or get free products, …

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Up and Coming Jewelry Brand

Have you heard of the brand Jinbaoying? When purchasing jewelry and clothing, the big fashion brands always come to mind and online based stores like Amazon is always forgotten. Amazon is mostly known for household items and other non-fashion products but they also have a great selection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Jinbaoying is an Amazon-based store …

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